Stone Countertop Outlet offers the most popular sinks to match your new custom stone countertops.  When it comes to your plumbing selections, make sure to choose quality products.  Please note that all dimensions are approximate.



Kitchen Sinks


Eclipse M603


Eclipse M3018


Swanstone QUDB3322

Available in Black. 

Can be special ordered in Espresso, Granito and White.

Made with 80% natural quartz, these sinks are virually indestructible.



Eclipse M603R


Eclipse M602




About Our Stainless Steel Sinks:

The Eclipse brand sinks are made exclusively for stone fabricators and are made from the finest quality material.  The sinks are all 18ga, 304 stainless steel with an 18/10 chromium/nickel content.  The chromium/nickel content is important to keep the finish of your sink consistent over its lifetime.  The 18ga thickness is a standard, quality thickness for a sink.  It is not recommened to go thinner than 18ga (such as a 20ga sink).  If you are looking for an even thicker sink, please see one of our Sale Representatives for more information.  We can also get you 16ga sinks in similar designs to the ones shown.

Vanity and Bar Sinks



Kohler 2210

Bowl Dimensions: 17" x 14"

Exterior Dimensions: 19-1/4" x 16-1/4"

Available in White or Biscuit


Eclipse M1815


Swanstone QUSB-2522

Available in White

Can be special ordered in...

Espresso, Granito and Black.

Made with 80% natural quartz.

These sinks are virually indestructible.






Kohler 2209

Bowl Dimensions: 15" x 12"

Exterior Dimensions: 17" x 14"

Available in White or Biscuit






Eclipse M1512



About Our Bathroom Sinks:

The Kohler Bath sinks are made out of porcelain and have a high gloss, stain resistant surface. Porcelain plumbing fixtures are comprised of ceramic materials fired at a high temperature to form a nonporous sink.


Not finding what you had in mind?  Please see one of our Sales Representative for a list of our special order sinks.



Kohler 2214

Bowl Dimensions:  18" x 12"

Exterior Dimensions: 21" x 14"

Available in White









Eclipse 420

Great for a bathroom or a bar!