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Measuring & Drawing your Countertops For a Quote

To ensure the most accurate estimate of your custom countertops, the  following tips will help you properly draw your countertop surface. Please refer to the countertop sample layout shown on the right for an example of how to draw your countertops.

1)  Measure length & width in inches to the nearest 1/2”.  Remember to include overhang.

2)  Indicate wall locations.

3)  Indicate which walls will have a stone backsplash:  Note the type of backsplash as standard height or custom.

4)  Label and indicate placement of sink(s). (Actual sink placement will be confirmed at field measure).

5)  Indicate location of range and/or cooktop. (Actual range and/or cooktop placement will be confirmed at field measure).

6)  Label any islands, desks or other areas where you would like granite countertops.

7)  Indicate any special radius corners you may want on your countertops.  If you are unsure of radius corners we will used standard corners.  Please note there is no additional charge for custom corners.

8)  Indicate locations and sizes of extended overhang for all  countertops. You do not need to indicate standard overhangs.

Feel free to contact your Granite-Tops Stone Specialist  if you have questions or need assistance.  These measurements are for estimating only.







Download the following PDFs to guide you in measuring and drawing your stone countertops.

 Estimate Designer Sheet SAMPLE.pdf

 Estimate Designer Sheet.pdf



Follow these easy steps and you will be on your way to the home you always wanted!